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Welcome to Avonrod Plant Protection
Avonrod Plant Protection is a supplier of Horticultural / Agricultural chemicals, Biologicals and Spray Equipment using our diagnostic skills we match the appropriate remedy to the particular plant disorder.

Avonrod was established in 1992 after the demise of FBC Holdings (Pty) Ltd. (Fisons Boots Corporation). We specialize in the supply of chemicals, biologicals and related products for Crop Protection.
Using our diagnostic skills we match the particular plant disorder or disease with the appropriate remedy. Our knowledge of ornamental plants, cut flower production and other “Intensive Horticultural Crops” is immense. We service clients throughout Southern and East Africa.

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Industrial Hand Fluid Dispensing / Sampling Syringe


Apparatus for:

  • Safely Extracting (Sampling)
  • Measuring
  • Transferring
  • Dispensing Fluids


  • Dispensing Hazardous Chemicals
  • Food Processing
  • Agriculture
  • Printing and Automotive Industries
  • Laboratories
  • ... Unlimited Uses

Imagine what you could do if you had one!



Avonrod Products

Insecticides, Natural Insecticides, Organic Insecticides, Garden Insecticides, Natural Spray Insecticides, Safe Insecticides

A substance or mixture of substances either of chemical or organic origin, intended to prevent, destroy, repel or mitigate target insects which may be present in a treated area. The use of insecticides is believed to be one of the major factors contributing towards the increase in agricultural productivity in the 20 th century. Avonrod can supply the appropriate insecticide that may be safely and legally applied for the correct situation. Biological insecticides are also available.

Nematicide A pesticide substance of either chemical or biological origin for the control of plant parasitic nematodes harmful to crops. Avonrod carries a wide range of both chemical and biological nematicides.
Biological Pesticides
Soil Microbe Inoculants
Biological Pesticides A bio-pesticide is the term used for microbial biological pest control agents that are usually applied in a similar manner to chemical pesticides. These may be of a bacterial, fungal, viral nature or beneficial predatory nematodes. See insect predators. Soil Microbe Inoculants Avonrod supply a wide range of soil microbe inoculants that restore the natural balance to soils that have been fumigated or damaged by improper agricultural practices. Some are used to combat plant pathogens or compete with potential pathogens for “living space.” Others are essential for the natural development, germination of seed or enhanced growth of certain plant species,--- others assist with the natural decomposition of organic matter.
Miscellaneous Chemicals
Miscellaneous Chemicals Avonrod can source and supply a wide range of obscure chemicals and materials required in the horticultural / agricultural industry. You are welcome to discuss your requirements with our personnel. Fungicides, Fungicides For Trees, Lawn Fungicides, Organic Fungicides, Natural Fungicides, Corn Fungicides, Fungicides For Tomatoes, Garden Fungicides, Greenhouse Fungicides, Tomato Fungicides, Tomato Plant Fungicides, Wheat Foliar Fungicides Fungicides are chemical compounds or in some instances, biological organisms, used to control pathogenic fungi or the spores there of. Fungi are capable of causing serious damage to crops and stored produce, resulting in critical losses of yield, quality and profit. The toxins produced by some fungi may lead to serious health problems of consumers of infected agricultural produce. Avonrod can assist with recommendations of the correct safe registered remedy or provide an I.P.M. (Integrated Pest Management) strategy.
Insect Predators
Plant Growth Regulators
Insect Predators These are beneficial insects that prey on pest insects or mites, these are in some cases commercially available for use in situations where biological control or IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is practiced. Avonrod can arrange the supply or importation of some of these predators, (subject to the availability of import permits.) Plant Growth Regulators, Plant Growth Regulator Plant growth regulators also known as phytohormones) are chemicals that regulate plant growth. Plant hormones are signal molecules produced within the plant, and occur in extremely low concentrations. Hormones regulate cellular processes in targeted cells locally and when moved to other locations, in other locations of the plant. Plants, unlike animals, lack glands that produce and secrete hormones. Plant hormones shape the plant, affecting seed growth, time of flowering, the sex of flowers, senescence of leaves and fruits.
Herbicides (Weed Killers)
Acaracides Are pesticides specifically or mainly for the control of mites (phytophagous mites) on crops. We carry a wide range of both chemical and biological acaracides. Herbicides, Organic Herbicides, Sweet Corn Herbicides, Best Weed Killer Herbicides, Natural Herbicides, Asparagras, Erbicides, Herbicides And Insecticides, Herbicides For Strawberries, Herbicides For Weeds, Corn Herbicides, Grass Herbicides, Herbicides Corn, Weed Killers, Natural Weed Killers, Best Weed Killers, Safe Natural Weed Killers, Lawn Weed Killers, Non Toxic Weed Killers, Non-Toxic Weed Killers, Nontoxic Weed Killers Are compounds used to remove undesirable plants (weeds) that may compete with crops, cause damage to structures, present fire hazard, impede work crews, obstruct waterways or are unsightly. When used correctly they can reduce labour costs drastically. Selective herbicides can remove specific target weeds while leaving the desired crop relatively undamaged. We can advise and supply the appropriate product.
Pest Control Products
Pest Control Products, Professional Pest Control Products Pest control refers to the regulation or management of a species defined as a pest, usually because it is perceived to be detrimental to a person's health, the ecology or the economy. Fertiliser, Slow Release Fertiliser, Vine Fertiliser Fertilisers are minerals and organic compounds applied to plants to promote growth, supplement the nutrition or restore the balance of the required nutrients of crops to achieve maximum yield. We carry a range of speciality fertilisers.
Spray Equipment
Rodenticides & Pest Control Products
Agricultural Spray Equipment, Chemical Spray Equipment, Garden Spray Equipment, Spray Equipment, Pest Control Spray Equipment Suitable, good quality spray equipment is essential for the safe, accurate and effective application of crop remedies. Even the best quality products will yield poor results if they are applied with faulty, inadequate equipment. Avonrod can recommend and supply suitable equipment for most applications. Rodenticides & Pest Control Products Rodenticides are a category of pest control chemicals for the control of rodents. Our bait products and equipment are selected to act as humanely as possible and cause minimal secondary poisoning to non-target species. We can advise the correct application and placement of these products in order to ensure safe effective control, with as little adverse impact on the environment as possible.
Estate Management Products
Estate Management Products Avonrod carries a wide range of select products suitable for various applications in estate management. These include herbicides, algaecides, plant and lawn growth regulators, fertilisers, rodenticides and miscellaneous chemicals and equipment. We also have extensive experience with bush control on game farms and bush estates. Fluid Dispensing Equipment, Dispensing Equipment As accurate measurement and calibration of pesticides is essential for effective, safe pest control. Avonrod supply a range of equipment for measuring both solid and liquid substances. Scales, measuring cylinders and also thermometers, humidity meters and soil probe thermometers.
Estate Management Products These are compounds used for the control of problem slugs and snails in a crop or garden situation. Some baits contain a conventional chemical mollusc pesticide, others may contain the more environmentally acceptable – Ferric phosphate. A snail / slug predator in the form of a predatory nematode will be available shortly.    

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