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Plant Diagnostic

Powdery Mildew
Downy Mildew (Pseudoperonaspora cubensis) on Cucumbers

Plant Diagnostic Data Base

An opportunity for amateur and professional Plant Pathologists, Entomologists, Virologists, Botanists, Students and Nursery Men to contribute towards compiling a comprehensive, public database of pests, pathogens, and disorders of specific ornamental plants and agricultural crops.

When a pathogen or pest of a specific plant is scientifically diagnosed by a recognised authority the details are recorded on this website for the benefit of everyone.

The contribution of the disorder will be accredited to the person who made the diagnosis or the contributor, or both.

This information is public but the website host has the right to edit, reject or withhold until confirmation and publish the information if required.

Supply as much information as possible, see form below:

Plant   (Genera & species Botanical name)

Common name

Diagnosis (Name of pathogen, pest or disorder)

Common name (of above)

Description of Disorder   (Brief symptoms)

Location   (Country / Region / Climate)

Growth Stage of Plant (seedling /mature / flowering / fruit / old)

Growth Conditions   (wet / dry / hot / cold / light conditions / ventilation / containerised / open ground / other)

High Definition Photograph   (if available)

Name of Contributor

Date Submitted

Notes & Comments


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